Friday, October 14, 2011

New Revamped Kiln

Great News--I don't have to buy a new kiln!  My kiln is in working condition again after Mike the electrician/friend came over and helped me install all new thermocouples, elements and wires.  I tested it several days ago and it worked great.  I'm good to go.  Now all that's needed is to make more stuff.

I have several orders I am working on now, so that should keep me busy. 
I dropped off part of the order from "Now and Then"--a community store in Takoma Park MD.
Check the photos out on their Facebook page:
 Or better yet, go visit the store--they have great gift items. 

Well, let's not waist any more time procrastinating and get down to the studio.  
Lets hope that this rain will stop soon--it's getting me down.

Lets hope that next time I'll have lots of good items to share with you.